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Simon, titled The Menzies of Culdares, is the second son of the Highland Scottish Clan Chief, The Menzies of Menzies. After serving as an officer in the British Army with The Scots Guards and working in London, Simon became a professional artist in 1994, attending briefly The Royal College of Art, London. In 1997, Simon gained a scholarship at a leading Atelier/School in Florence, Italy. Simon has painted and exhibited in Australia, France, Barbados, Africa, UK and USA. His work is in the collections of HM The Queen, the late George Harrison, Lord Jeffery Archer, TheTurner Foundation and Pacific Asia Bank amongst many others.

Simon trained in Italy in the tradition of the Old Masters. His love of painters such as Klimt have played a strong role in much of his work, where the combining of decorative design and naturalism often compliment each other. Simon is an admirer of the Old Masters and more recent Masters such as Degas, Whistler, Sargent, Wyeth and Hopper, to name but a few. He hopes that some of their influences can be found in his paintings.


Selection of Exhibitions 
2017 Fairfax Gallery
2013-17 Holders, Barbados 
2012 Royal Westmorelands, Barbados 
2011 Royal Westmoreland, Barbados 
2010 Royal Westmoreland  
Tides Gallery, Barbados 
2008/9 Royal Westmoreland, Barbados 
2007 Tides Gallery, Barbados 
2006 Tides Gallery, Barbados 
2005 Chase Exhibition, Royal College of Art. 
2004 Featured Artist, ING 100, Touring Exhibition, UK. 
 Chase Exhibition, RCA. 
2003 Solo show. Villa Nova, Barbados Solo Show, 
Air Gallery. Dover Street, London 
2002 Fairfax Gallery, UK 
2001 Brick Lane – Solo show, London 
 Young Masters, Atlanta USA 
 Fairfax Gallery, UK 
1998 Private Show, London 
1997 Greenhill Gallery, Australia 
 Perth Galleries, Australia 
1996 Mall Galleries, London 
 Featured Artist, Will's Art Warehouse Gallery, London 
New Elements Gallery, USA 
1995 Henry Moore Gallery, RCA, London 
1994 Mall Galleries, London 
 Lucky Street Gallery, USA 
1986 Accepted, Summer Exhibition, RA, London 

HM The Queen. 
The Honourable Society of Gray's Inn - The Rev. Roger Holloway OBE
George Harrison. 
Lord Jeffery Archer. 
Richard Lewis & Susan deRose, Atlanta, USA. 
Lady Apsley, Cirencester Park. 
Earl of Seafield 
Earl of Liecester
JP Todd 
Emma Hope  
Asia Pacific Bank 
Turner Foundation, USA 
Cilla Black
Edward Fox, Actor

Film Projects (work used on film sets) 
What Women Want – Mel Gibson/Spielberg 
Vanilla Skies – Tom Cruise/Spielberg 
 What Lies Beneath – Harrison Ford/Spielberg


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